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Will carried out some landscaping for the front of our property. He was happy to listen to our ideas and with his skills was able to put the ideas into reality, transforming the entrance to our property into a very inviting space.

Don Clausen | North Tamworth

We pave paths, courtyards, driveways and more in Tamworth, Armidale, Gunnedah and surrounds.

Will Blaxland can discuss with you the paving options that best suit your property and your needs. Whether you need paving for your path, tank base, courtyard, veggie garden or driveway we’ll have it covered.

Pavers are durable, replaceable and very appealing. Pavers are available in a huge range of styles from rough natural stone and smooth concrete pavers. In addition, many Australian properties feature brick pavers.

Pavers can be laid on compacted gravel or concrete. In general, the pavers can be laid on compacted gravel if they’re going to be used as a path, courtyard or as another low-impact surface, but for a more structural installation such as for a driveway, the pavers can be laid on concrete.

Give Will a call today to discuss the options!

Benefits of paving

  • Durable – Pavers are very durable and able to withstand cracking. Compared to concrete, pavers have many more gaps that allow room for movement. This prevents cracking.
  • Replaceable – If a paver does happen to crack or chip, it can easily be replaced without having to replace an entire slab.
  • Many styles – Concrete pavers usually contain a natural dye in the concrete compound allowing for many different colours. Brick and natural stone pavers also come in a large range of styles and colours. We can show you the options and help you decide on a style that complements your home and garden.
  • Many patterns: Stretcher bond, Stack bond, Basket weave, Herringbone, French pattern, Cobble, and random patterns are just some of the arrangements available. Will Blaxland can discuss all these options with you to find the perfect fit for your landscape.
  • Drainage – Here’s another benefit of the many little gaps between pavers! Rather than pooling on the surface, water can drain away through the gaps. For this reason, pavers are suitable for places that frequently get wet.
  • Easy to clean – Pavers require very little maintenance apart from an occasional clean. A quick spray down with a pressure cleaner usually does the trick!
  • Increased appeal – We all know how much new turf can instantly “lift” a property. In the same way, pavers instantly add value and visual appeal to a home. Pavers are a relatively low-cost way to add lasting value to your home.
  • Long-lasting – Pavers look great for a long time and will still be looking fresh when other alternatives are showing their age.

Contact us today for a free quote on the paving installation you need. We would love to help you choose a paving solution that is both long-lasting and visually pleasing, so feel free to get in touch at any time!

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Red paving in courtyard Tamworth NSW
New paved path and retaining walls in North Tamworth NSW
Gray pavers in light pebble path leading to front door. Landscape in Calala, Tamworth NSW