Design, Construction & Maintenance

We are your synthetic turf design and installation experts!

We supply and install synthetic turf in Tamworth, Armidale, Gunnedah and surrounds.

Do you have a struggling, messy, dying lawn, full of weeds and dog holes, which needs constant care and worry but still looks ugly? We will fix the problem once and for all with a premium synthetic lawn that looks absolutely beautiful. No more headaches!

We do private lawns and play areas, preschool and daycare centre playgrounds, school playing fields and playgrounds, sports facilities and ovals, adventure parks and soft fall areas. We can provide areas with safe fall heights from up to 3m.


Why should I install synthetic turf? What are the benefits of a synthetic lawn?

Whether you call it synthetic turf, Astro turf, artificial lawn or fake grass, here are 11 big reasons why you should replace your normal lawn with absolutely real-looking synthetic lawn in NSW.

  1. Synthetic turf doesn't need mowing. Ever!
  2. Synthetic turf doesn't need watering.
  3. Synthetic turf doesn't need weeding or pest control.
  4. Synthetic turf doesn't need fertilising, aerating, coring or de-thatching.
  5. Synthetic turf always looks great, no matter what the season, temperature, rainfall or conditions happen to be. 
  6. Dogs, cats and all pets LOVE synthetic lawns, and won't dig holes or wear out patches in your artificial lawn.
  7. Your family, friends, and neighbours will all LOVE and ADORE your new fake lawn.
  8. Synthetic turf now looks so real, everyone will think you have the best lawn in town! 
  9. Picnics, parties, BBQs, sports, play equipment, pot plants, and vehicles are all GREAT on synthetic turf and won't damage it.
  10. Whether you live in Tamworth, Armidale, Gunnedah or anywhere in country NSW, we will come and create a beautiful synthetic lawn for you!
  11. You will never worry or have a headache about your lawn ever again!

Get in touch with us today on 0491 135 045 for a free quote on your new artificial turf project, or for drought tolerant, water wise garden design and construction.